Saving Henry

What happens when you become worse than what you set out to destroy?​


Henry is a little boy preyed upon by his grandfather. Following the death of his mother he calls on his father for help, but he is taken by the grandfather into his lair of sick.  Henry has the aid of his pet dog Monkey, who cuts loose on the pervert, but the Grandpa comes back to life and there is nothing the little boy can do. Until a white cat up there in the sky comes to his aid by unleashing every single flying thing to infest and destroy that dirty old prick, the abuser Grandpa. 



Starting life as Smashbrat in 2001, developed with Playbox, touring through Hong Kong to England and Ireland via LaMama and the Sydney Opera House, then being rebuilt and last seen as Saving Henry (version 5) at the Arts Centre Melbourne, this show is about being silenced, and what it takes to overcome this to claim a voice.