A man sits alone in a room assailed by the world around him. Recently it seems to him that there is so much going on against which he feels powerless. Things that make him angry, that make him sad, that make him feel impotent. ​


And this unease he feels is bursting to be released from him, but he knows that nothing he does can solve the matters of the world.


This man alone in his room instead conjures up an alter ego, one that might help him, a character of his own making filled with all of his own dreams and hopes and fears, but possessing powers and abilities well beyond his own.  


And in unleashing this concoction of his own little inside man - those battering forces beyond this room that shake the ground are stilled - at least for the moment. And our man alone in his room can take solace for what he might do, for what he would do, were he able. 


Created by Angus Cerini with associate director Susie Dee and designs by Marg Horwell, Andy Turner and Jethro Woodward. 

resplendence face
resplendence face 1